Optimizing, automating, and simulating energy for Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain is a world-renowned producer of high-performance materials

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Reduction in HVAC energy consumption


IoT sensors installed into equipment and systems






R&D center

Project area

13,750 sqm

Akila Platform Energy SUITE

Raising facility performance in a research environment

Saint-Gobain Research was using an older BMS and EMS system that lacked environment monitoring and remote climate control. Since the R&D site required stringent temperature and humidity controls to perform its research, this was a major blocker affecting daily operations.

Saint-Gobain achieved its primary goal of automatic climate control and smart monitoring with Akila. Digitalizing energy equipment and systems and remote control of HVAC systems enabled more ideal environmental conditions and led to a 15% reduction in HVAC energy consumption.

“Our partnership with Akila is a natural one, being built around shared values like health and wellness, human centricity, and solving environmental problems through innovation”Alain Zanoli, Vice-President of Innovation Saint-Gobain Asia


BIM / BMS+EMS integration


Internet of Things (IoT) installation for HVAC remote control


Saint-Gobain ran a simulation with the digital twin to predict the results of a retrofitting project. The simulation helped them identify the best type of material to use for energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

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