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Akila is a digital twin data platform that centralizes and visualizes all data from your buildings, from one site up to an entire global property portfolio.

More than 80+ leading organizations use Akila’s solutions

Whether you are responsible for a single building or a global portfolio, Akila delivers value for stakeholders at every level


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Trusted by 80+ leading organizations

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An all-in-one platform

Akila is a digital twin data platform designed to give portfolio managers the most powerful data tool for 360° property management and optimization.


Take your building to the cloud, with centralized data accessible from anywhere


See core performance metrics in a variety of analytical tools and KPI dashboards


Leverage work order management tools and AI-powered HVAC optimization to drive results

Akila SUITES — your sustainability workstation


Monitor energy and utilities consumption, broken down by equipment and systems. Measure against historical or cross-property baselines.


Manage your maintenance work orders and track performance metrics with a mobile-first app. Make the switch to predictive maintenance with automatic anomaly detection.


Measure the carbon footprint of a single site, or your entire property portfolio. Stay on track to meet your net-zero goals and streamline your annual reports.


Monitor, track, and analyze your commercial waste lifecycle. Gain insights into waste generation and easily break down waste and carbon emissions by type or tenant.


Manage and analyze your soft facilities services, including workspace, cleaning, and security management, to enhance the occupant experience. Track and improve Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) for greater efficiency and occupant comfort

Real-time data

Ensure that all on-site operations remain at the highest level of
quality control and reliability with full digital tracking.

Deep analytics

Sophisticated data processing extracts information from large, multi-source data sets of structured & un- or semi-structured data.

Trusted insights

Dashboards and visualizations that surface the information that matters most from a single source of truth.

Intelligent automation

Automation technologies to streamline and scale all facility-related decision making across your organization.

Prescriptive capabilities

Determine what will happen next and respond in advance through analytics based on AI + historical and real-time simulation.

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