Take maintenance management to the cloud

Maintenance SUITE empowers work order management with real-time data and anomaly detection, delivering predictive capabilities and deeper insights

Asset & maintenance management

The Maintenance SUITE is all about improving the performance and lengthening the lifespan of your building’s critical assets. At its core, the SUITE revolves around a mobile-first work order system that gives technicians a convenient way to receive and record tasks, then centralizes and visualizes that data for review. Paired with Akila’s innovative anomaly detection system, this puts your maintenance teams a powerful tool to act predictively, preventing down time and costly replacements.

Key benefits

Optimize building operations with Akila Maintenance SUITE: Enhance equipment lifespan, boost efficiency, and optimize costs by leveraging data from IoT sensors

Asset lifecycle management

Manage and extend asset lifecycles by optimizing maintenance and inspection workflows.

Uptime optimization

Maximize equipment uptime with preventative maintenance to ensure high operational continuity and efficiency.

Digitalized ledger

Normalize naming and tagging across sites to increase effectiveness of tracking, training, and reporting.

Compliance tracking

Ensure regulatory compliance according to government and industry frameworks, standards, and certifications.

Product Features

Asset monitoring

Take advantage of a comprehensive view on your assets and systems using real-time analysis and visualization of BMS or operations data. Akila lets you monitor assets at the portfolio level, or drill down into the literal nuts and bolts that keep your equipment functional.

Work order management

Schedule, track, and analyze maintenance work orders. Organize your incident reports, work orders, service requests, and inspections all in one place.

Inventory management

Track and manage warehouse inventory and parts. Ensure that essential items and parts are appropriately stocked to ensure a fast and smooth maintenance workflow.

Maintenance plans

Set and monitor routine maintenance plans. Schedule regularly repeated activities and work orders to automatically be assigned to relevant operators.