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Enersize and Akila sign exclusive partnership for Asia market

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Stockholm, Sweden – Enersize, a leading Nordic company specializing in energy optimization software for compressed air systems has formalized its partnership with Akila, the ESG-first digital twin platform recently selected by the World Economic Forum as a 2022 Technology Pioneer.

Working together with exclusivity in China and full partnership in the ASEAN market, Enersize’s suite of software will be integrated into the Akila platform, where it will be leveraged to help portfolio holders dramatically reduce their energy wastage and carbon emissions emanating from their compressed air systems. All data from the savings made and operational history will be tracked in real-time, visualized through dashboards and made transparent for ESG and regulatory reporting.

Compressed air leaks are considered one of the largest contributors to energy wastage and carbon footprint. It has been estimated that around 10% of all electricity consumed in industry is used by air compressors, while a typical industrial facility may lose up to 50% of all compressed air to leakage, artificial demand and inappropriate use, resulting in excess energy production.

Many governments, including China’s, seek to achieve carbon net-zero by 2060. Plugging the lost energy from compressed air is an extremely efficient way of achieving rapid gains in a short period of time. With Akila’s expertise in the Asian sustainable energy sector and Enersize being one of Europe’s top players in compressed air loss reduction, this partnership will be formidable in accelerating China and ASEAN’s ESG progress, digitalization and reduction in C02 emissions.

A set of solutions will be integrated into the Akila Ecosystem to reduce wasted energy from Compressed air systems significantly:

  • Xray: Analysis AI software that gives the customer instant insights into their savings potential and produces tailored technical, environmental and financial targets for air compressor efficiency.
  • Xecute: A program that tracks energy leakage reduction efforts, to realize effective energy savings and reduce carbon footprint while optimizing the resources mobilized to execute this work.
  • Xcel: A software that institutes sustainable energy optimization throughout multiple compressed air systems. It monitors systems to maintain the facility in its most optimized state while identifying continuous improvement opportunities.

Anders Sjögren, CEO of Enersize, commented on the partnership: “We are at the right time now, with the technology available, to use machine learning, AI and digital twin to really maximize the opportunities for savings, both in terms of energy and cost. With Akila as our partner in the Asia market, we are delivering a system that can automatically help improve the efficiency of any industrial client and show them returns in months. The results really are quite amazing. Asia is the most important place right now to be introducing these technologies – they have the people, the industrial base, and the hunger for new solutions to carbon emissions and it is the global heartland for industry. There is no better opportunity for us to make a real impact on energy efficiency anywhere else in the world.”

Philippe Obry, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Akila, said: “Akila’s Digital twin is an incredibly flexible technology. With Akila, we have been able to equip companies in many different industries with the tools to monitor and optimize their energy usage. But we always want to do more for our clients and our community. Partnering with the best in every sector, such as Enersize, means we can deepen the suite of products and services that we offer. With this partnership, we can strengthen our horizontal platform with powerful vertical integration modules. Combining Akila’s digital twin with Enersize’s software supercharges portfolio holders’ ability to track, reduce and achieve their energy-saving goals.”

About Enersize

Enersize delivers smart software, tools and services for energy optimization of industrial compressed air. Resulting of the merger of three Nordic companies, Enersize customers benefit from the heritage and experience of over 7000 projects. Our expertise and the commitment of our people have made us a recognized global leader in compressed air efficiency software. The company is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Growth Market under the ticker: ENERS

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About Akila

Akila is an Asia-based digital twin platform harnessing real-time data and AI to streamline ESG reporting and optimize the performance, sustainability and human-centricity of buildings and cities. Backed by strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Dassault Systèmes and Aden Group, Akila currently has a growing team of 80+ members and 3.5M square meters managed across 60 sites of deployment. Akila was recognized in 2022 by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer.

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