Optimizing indoor environmental conditions for Bolloré's product storage

Bolloré Logistics is a global leader in international transport and logistics


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Manual data and environment management

Bolloré previously conducted their energy and waste management completely manually, with no easy means of monitoring building status and metrics. They needed a way to monitor and optimize their high requirements for the indoor environmental quality of their warehouses, and also track the carbon emissions produced through their operations.

Digitalized monitoring and optimization

Akila helped Bolloré achieve digitalization and automation of their indoor environmental control, empowering Bolloré to maximize the quality and longevity of sensitive goods housed in the warehouse. Digitalized energy management also enabled them to perform transparent and accurate carbon accounting, collecting emissions data straight from the source.

“Akila enables us to monitor our environmental impact closely and take concrete actions to reduce it” – Frederic Marcerou, CEO of Bollore Logistics Greater China



Developed digital twin, installed IoT sensors and controllers for tracking and controlling HVAC systems


Integrated with pre-existing electricity meters where possible, otherwise replaced them with smart meters

Special achievement

Monitored and optimized energy and waste systems to reduce costs and carbon emissions,
established a climate management system for sensitive product storage

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