Smart waste management

Waste SUITE monitors and tracks waste, providing data analytics on emissions and landfill contribution

Commercial waste monitoring and reporting

Monitor, track, and analyze your commercial waste throughout its lifecycle, unlocking a deeper understanding of where waste is generated. Break down waste and carbon emissions with ease by type or tenant.

Key benefits

Waste SUITE monitors, tracks, and analyzes your commercial and industrial waste, unlocking a deeper understanding of your waste throughout its entire lifecycle.

Simplify data entry

Enable quick and easy on-site data collection via a mobile interface.

Optimize waste management

Manage, monitor, and trace waste management down to the tenant-level to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Transparent & traceable

Achieve full transparency and traceability of waste management data with customizable dashboards.

Streamlined ESG reporting

Fulfill your ESG reporting needs quickly and easily with automated carbon tracking of emissions associated with waste generation .

Product Features

Waste logging

Monitor waste generation trends and associated carbon emissions data across its lifecycle.

Waste type management

Analyze waste to deepen your understanding of your waste profiles and improve carbon emission tracking.

Tenant management

Manage waste generation by tenant and location. Track and trace where waste is coming from in your properties and sites.