Streamline your facilities management

Workspace SUITE empowers facility teams to respond to work orders more efficiently to track and meet performance KPIs

Smart facility operations

Monitor, manage, and analyze your soft facilities services such as workspace management and cleaning and security work order management, unlocking an enhanced environment for occupants. Track and optimize Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) to improve efficiency as well as occupant comfort.

Key benefits

Akila Workspace SUITE helps you stay on top of your facility management, allowing you to maximize the efficiency and quality of soft services..

Centralized service platform

Track, analyze, and manage all your soft facilities services in one place

Accessible mobile interface

Get quick and easy on-site access to both analytics and workspace data via a mobile app mobile interface.

Health & safety compliance

Digitalized management and optimization of hygiene and security services.

Service data visualization

Analyze and visualize soft services data with customizable dashboards and widgets

Product Features

Soft services management

Schedule, track, and manage cleaning and security services to improve transparency, safety, and occupant health

Work order management

Schedule, track, and analyze work orders. Organize your incident reports, work orders, service requests, and inspections all in one place.

Inventory management

Track and manage inventory and supplies. Ensure that essential items are appropriately stocked to ensure a fast and smooth facility management workflow.